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Adult Riding Lessons

At Red Horse Training we offer Western lessons for all types of riders. Whether your passion is to run, slide and stop, or you'd prefer to go at a slower pace and enjoy the view, we tailor each lesson to your individual goals! 

We offer lesson horses for all levels of riders. From the perfect first mount to veteran show horses ready to teach you to work your first cow or sit your first spin, we are ready to guide you through the joys of learning to ride!


Whether you're an advanced rider looking to sharpen your 

skills and enter the show pen or a beginner just looking to get started, Red Horse Training can offer a customized program that will set you into motion for success!

In the first few lessons, riders will have the opportunity to interact with their horses on the ground, learn the basics of grooming & tacking, and learn to ride in a structured and fun environment.

After the first few lessons, students are encouraged to arrive early for grooming/tacking their horse prior to the lesson to maximize riding time with the instructor.

The First Step: Book an Evaluation Lesson

Each lesson is customized to the individual's riding experience, level, and goals. In order for us to guarantee you the utmost quality lesson, an evaluation lesson is mandatory for all of our clients.


What's an Evaluation Lesson? It is an initial first lesson, mandatory for every student. In this lesson, our instructors educate the student - step by step - on the grooming and tacking up process. Then the student is evaluated riding the horse. After your lesson we can help you choose what level of lessons are best suited for your goals and ability.

The Next Step: Come Prepared

When you come to your first lesson we recommend you wear long pants,  boot cut jeans are best and most comfortable to wear while riding. We do not recommend skinny jeans, yoga pants, or any tight fitting pant. 

Western boots with a heel are recommended, stay away from purchasing work boots with a heavy tread as they may cause your foot to get stuck in the stirrup. 

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