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Caitlin Halliwell
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Shelbyville Western Riding

Originally from California, the owner and trainer of Red Horse Training has traveled the country looking for the perfect place to call home. Through the vineyards of California, the ranges of Montana, to the Skyscrapers of New York, Caitlin has helped countless horses and riders better develop their connections with each other through her unique and quiet approach to training. With a strong background in classical dressage and firm background in equitation, she has taken these foundation steps in riding and applied them to bio-mechanical teaching and natural horsemanship techniques. Riders come away with a better understanding of what they need to do to subtly change their riding and why it's important, both mentally and physically, to their horse.

As a first generation horsewoman, Caitlin's passion has always been encouraging youth to get involved with horses. In 2018, Caitlin represented the state of Kentucky as it's Miss Rodeo Kentucky. Caitlin traveled the States as an advocate for Rodeo and the Western way of life. One of the most popular questions she received during her travels was "How do I get involved in Rodeo?" This broke her heart as so many youth were eager to get involved but, without any guidance and non-horsey parents, the likelihood of city kids getting a chance to find a facility or trainer to support their goals was slim to none. 

When she was done with her duties as Miss Rodeo Kentucky, Caitlin started creating youth programs to allow youth in the Louisville areas to be able to compete without the steep costs of purchasing a horse and equipment. Now, Caitlin offers the chance for any level or age of rider to compete in rodeo events from the local to National level. 

Outside of her youth coaching, Caitlin works with many riders looking to advance horsemanship skills in all western disciplines. 

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