Consignment Program

 In addition to our own horses, we sell many horses for clients.  We offer a full service consignment program which includes board and training, advertisements, website listings, preparation for sales showings, and coordinating the close of the sale.  We can also advise you on appropriate pricing.  Horses are shown in a professional manner at top notch facilities.

     Preparing and showing a horse for sale is a difficult and time consuming process.  It is not easy for an individual owner to get the right clients to come see their horse. We are contacted by prospective buyers almost daily, and even in this difficult economy we are still selling horses year round.  When a client comes to try horses at Red Horse we are able to offer them an excellent selection of horses that suit their needs.  
    We have a staff of experienced and talented riders to maximize your horse's abilities and present them at their best to clients.  Each horse is treated as an individual and we make every effort to insure the best match of horse and rider.  Horses must meet the approval of Red Horse and will only be offered to appropriate buyers.  All horses are fairly and honestly represented.

 Contact us for more information on how we can help you sell your horse.