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Leasing a Horse

Red Horse Training has horses available for short and long-term leases, as well as those available for practice rides (hacks). This offers our riders the opportunity to spend extra time with a horse appropriate to their riding level, strengthening grooming, tacking and riding skills. Some horses may be available for sale to current students also. Please contact us with inquiries.


A lease means that you commit to renting a specific horse on the same days every week to ride ON SITE without an instructor. The purpose of the lease is to ride more often with one horse in order to practice skills learned in lessons and to build a partnership over time.


A practice ride (hack) is a 45 minute on-site ride on a horse at the student’s riding level, assigned by an instructor or the barn manager based on availability on that day. Practice rides are only available for students who can ride and tack up independently. Practice rides must be pre-arranged.  

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