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Lesson & Riding Memberships

At Red Horse Training we are as invested in your horsemanship journey as you are. Whether your passion is for performance horses and you have competitive goals or prefer to go at a slower pace and enjoy the view, we tailor each lesson to your individual goals! We offer lesson horses for all levels of riders. We want to create confident and knowledgeable riders while maintaining a safe and positive environment. Our curriculum focuses on both the excellent care of our equine partners and the growth of the riders’ skills. Horseback riding supports mental health, boosts confidence, and is wonderful physical exercise. Horses are sensitive to our emotions and body language making them excellent teachers and therapists. Whether you're an advanced rider looking to sharpen your skills or a beginner just looking to get started, Red Horse Training can offer a customized program that will set you into motion for success!

Our Curriculum

Our comprehensive curriculum covers not only riding skills, but horsemanship, knowledge, and care. We use a curriculum with benchmarking systems that objectively teach and test for both mounted and unmounted milestones. This allows students to make greater progress faster and with more clarity about the next steps for their growth as riders. Students are encouraged to test quarterly for the next level. Students are presented with awards for the levels they have passed to recognize their achievements!

Evaluation Lesson

1 Hour Lesson – $55 


During the lesson, we will go over your riding goals,

tour the facilities and learn about how to prepare our lesson.

horses for a riding lesson. If you have no experience riding western,

we will start learning the basics in this first session.

If you have riding experience and will be joining our program

at the beginner- intermediate or higher riding experience,

we will evaluate where you are at in your skills and

what group lessons if desired you could join.

After riding, we will go over what riding programs we offer that would work best for you!


Adult western riding lessons

Included in Membership/Subscription:

  • Unmounted Horsemanship Class: Saturdays 12:15pm – 1:30 pm (All ages)

    • A different workshop is offered each week such as anatomy, vet care, tack cleaning, horse identification, etc.  Horsemanship Class is complimentary for the riders in our program to help develop them as equestrians. Attendance is not mandatory but encouraged when available.

  • Rodeo Club:  Rodeo Club is for students interested in Rodeo or Barrels and Poles. Riders can participate in all Rodeo Specialty Lessons, Home Rodeos, Clinics, and have the opportunity to compete for a spot on the Rodeo Team. Quarterly Rodeo Club events. 

  • Quarterly Schooling Shows & Rodeos 

    • Schooling shows at the barn are a great way for students to learn the structure of shows, compete against other riders, and win awards without the financial commitment of an away show. 

  • Curriculum Workbook with study guides for each level, videos, worksheets, games and notes to keep track of everything you learn in the program. 


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