Working Student Programs

Young Riders Program

A limited number of working students are accepted into our program each year. The Red Horse Working Student Program is a commitment and responsibility. We look for lesson students who are interested in fine tuning and expanding on their riding, training, and horsemanship skills. The working students gain valuable insight and hands-on skills, and work alongside and learn from a staff of proven equine professionals. To be eligible for the working student program applicants must be a minimum of 14 years old, holding appropriate grades in school, be enrolled in the Red Horse lesson program, and have reliable transportation to and from

the barn on their shift and lesson days.

This is an educational program only, and working students volunteer only in exchange for valuable experience in the equine industry on and off the horse. Many working students are working for references to obtain a job in the equine industry or other fields in the future, for additional riding and horsemanship instruction outside of regular weekly lessons, and to learn all aspects of horse management.

Working students also learn important skills that can assist them in all aspects of life:

working with a team, working independently, responsibility, goal setting, time management, work ethics, focus on an objective, problem solving, patience, leadership, and self confidence.

Working students regularly receive additional mounted instruction, as well as lessons in horsemanship and management during their shifts. If the working student shows commitment and attention to detail, and going above and beyond, they may be rewarded with additional benefits as available.

Red Horse management and various equine professionals associated with the operation of Red Horse are happy to provide references for working students who have demonstrated their proficiency in our program successfully

Internship Program

The Intern position is a full time job that is best suited for those who are serious about their riding career and ready for total immersion into the horse industry. The job includes daily feeding chores, helping with turnout, learning top notch grooming tricks, and help with maintenance of sound, healthy horses. Students are encouraged to bring a horse, as there is no better way to learn and develop as a rider than with a horse that they already have a relationship with. However, students will learn how to ride a wide variety of horses, from ponies to quarter horses and thoroughbreds and develop skills specific to each one.  Students can expect to pay for their horse’s shoeing, vet bills and any needed personal equipment and tack.


During show season, we travel a great deal and students who are interested in competition are encouraged to attend the events and schooling shows. We also host schooling shows here at Red Horse, and often working students, with some experience teaching, will help teach kids and beginners during the camps and shows.

But life at Red Horse is not all work, work, work! We have a lot of fun doing extracurricular activities together, from attending local events, going to the Derby and races, and even BBQ and Parties held at the barn.


A Room at the farm and board for one horse is included in the position and a one year commitment is appreciated. However, individual situations vary and we are flexible for those who have a need for less time here. If you are interested in becoming a working student, please contact us for more information.

Our farm is located at 


2303 Aiken rd

Shelbyville, Ky 40065


We offer Lessons 


Barrel Racing

Ranch Riding 

 Western Horsemanship

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