Training Services

 At Red Horse, each horse is treated as an individual and brought along at the pace that is appropriate for him/her.  We believe in giving all of the horses the right basics and correct training before beginning competition.  The young horses are carefully brought along so they are never over faced or pushed beyond what they are ready for.  With the correct basics, and depending on their personality, most horses can progress quickly.  We work to do everything with the horses in the correct way so they never lose confidence or develop bad habits.  We find this makes an enormous difference in helping each horse reach its full potential.


We offer MANY types of training packages - Please contact us and we can develop a plan that will complement

both you and your horse 


All horses in training receive full board -

  • Stall 

  • Individual or Group Daily Turnout 

  • Conditioning twice a week on varied terrain and trails 

  • Specially developed feeding program 

  • Included Once a week lesson for Owners


 Come and join the Red Horse Team!

Finishing Work

From our barn to show arena to your home we put the final touches on many disciplines and breeds

Problem Solving

Sometimes the key to fixing a problem is to take a step back and access the situation. We work with you to help solve the problem for a happier partnership

Colt Starting

A good start is paramount to your horses success our 90 program gets your young horse on the path to success

Our farm is located at 


2303 Aiken rd

Shelbyville, Ky 40065


We offer Lessons 


Barrel Racing

Ranch Riding 

 Western Horsemanship

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