Have you always dreamed about barrel racing?

Or know someone who wants to barrel race?

Barrel Racing and Rodeo is a fast paced and high adrenaline event that is thrilling to watch and even more fun to compete. We coach all levels and ages of riders how to race so safely and correctly that everyone has a great time!

At Red Horse Training we offer three different programs for our students wanting to barrel race which allows riders to progress at their own speed and comfort level.

We have 10-barrel horses and ponies ready and waiting for you to learn on (or even compete on!) If you don't have your own horse but still want to compete, riders may try out for one of our competitive Rodeo Teams or compete on a lesson horse at one of home rodeos.

Before starting into our Barrel Racing Group Lessons, we have a couple fundamentals of western riding you need to know:

  • Riders must be able to fully tack up and get their horse ready without assistance before the lesson

  • Riders must have a good independent western seat and be able to control the horse at the walk, jog, and lope and control the horse in a group setting

Don’t worry if you don’t have the skills yet to join a group! We will start you out in private one-on-one lessons, until you're ready!

Program 1:

Beginner Barrels and Poles – Open to Youth and Adult Riders

What you will learn:

This class teaches you the fundamentals on Barrel Racing and Pole Bending and how to have a balanced seat on the pattern,. Riders will learn drills, problem solving, proper warm up, and so much more!

Program 2:

Beginner Rodeo Program – Open to Youth and Adult Riders

What you will learn:

This program focuses on Rodeo Fundamentals. Riders will learn to Rope, Barrel Race, Pole Bend, and Goat tie! Riders will also learn about mental preparation, how to have great sportsmanship and work with your horse as a team.

Classes are currently offered on Saturdays.

Program 3:

Competitive Rodeo Program – Open to Youth, Adult, and Haul Ins. For riders already comfortable on the patterns and are starting to or already competing.​

In our competitive Rodeo Program lessons, you will learn:

In our competitive Rodeo Program lessons, you will learn:

How to maintain your position at speed, drills and problem-solving techniques, proper warm up at an event, mental preparation at shows, and how to improve your times in Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Goat Tying, and Break Away Roping.

We will also walk you through on how to enter a race, which races would be good to start off with, how to judge ground and footing, and so much more! Riders who are on our Little Britches competition team practice during these lessons as well.

For Riders that need specific help on the pattern with their own horse, haul-in lessons are offered

Monday – Saturday for an hour session, which can be booked here.

Virtual lessons are offered as well for students needing assistance that are not local.


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