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Come Join Our Red Horse
IEA Equestrian Team
  • Do you want to compete – even if you don’t have your own horse?

  • Do you want learn to ride – individually and in a group?

  • Do you want the fun of competing against other stables with your friends as a team?

The Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) is the largest youth equestrian organization in the United States.  It offers middle and high school students (grades 4-12) the chance to compete in a format similar to college equestrian IHSA teams. 

And now you can join the Red Horse IEA team!  

Why Should You 
Get Involved?





First, it’s affordable and fun!





Red Horse team members will participate at all skill levels.  You start by riding twice a week at Red Horse, improving your skills on different horses, learning how to ride in a group, and improving your horsemanship and riding skills.  Cost is $525 per month and you’ll get a bonus two-hour team building class each month.


  • Riders travel to a “host” team facility and compete on horses provided.  There’s no need to bring a horse, pay for stabling, hauling, etc. The only competition cost to the rider is their show entry fee, which ranges from $45 per class; the fee to their coach $75; and your personal traveling fees (typically minimal because shows are regional to Southern Indiana and Ohio).

  • No need to own your own horse!

    • While training at Red Horse, you’ll enjoy learning individually and in group classes on a variety of horses, giving you the opportunity to improve your riding and showing  skills.

    • At each IEA show, the horses are supplied by the host venue.  You “draw” for your competition horse.  Scores are based upon horsemanship and equitation.  A true test of your riding skills!

IEA teams build leadership and teamwork.  And it’s a great way to practice with friends – and cheer each other on during competitions.  Riders compete individually and as a team – in divisions that range from beginner to experienced.   Ribbons and awards are given on an individual and team basis!  Riders will begin showing in rail and Ranch pattern classes, based on riding level and experience.  Reining is an option for higher level riders.

You can learn more about IEA at  


To join the Red Horse IEA team or request more information, click here and fill out this form! 


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