Levels Program

Unmounted Horsemanship Lessons

How do you become a master horseman overnight? Well unfortunately, you don’t.

Horsemanship is developed over the years as you grow as a rider and spend more time with horses at the barn and not just in the saddle. Which is why just Riding Lessons alone don't work for riders wanting to eventually own a horse.

Riders simply can’t learn the necessary skills required to become a good rider and horseman in a once-a-week lesson format and only saddle time.

​In 2021, we developed Red Horse Western Academy to promote the best educational client experience possible.

​Our program works by putting an emphasis on horsemanship equal to riding. We create knowledgeable empathic horsemen that can look back on their time at Red Horse Western Academy and understand the benefit of the education they received while in our program.

Through our Red Horse Western Academy Levels Programs, riders learn how to create achievable goals and follow their progress through the program.

Riders also have access to training videos and additional learning materials on our website to supplement their learning at the barn. ​

All our students have access to our weekly unmounted 1 hour sessions, offered in-person and online for students unable to attend in person which include topics such as:

  • Nutrition

  • Anatomy

  • Saddle Fitting and Tack

  • Bits and their uses

  • Breeds and Colors

  • Trailering and Maintenance

  • Groundwork and Handling

  • How to fall off Safely

Levels Program

We use a levels-based horsemanship curriculum and riding program for our members. Members will receive a Red Horse Western Academy levels workbook once signing up. Members learn skills on and off the horse that coordinate to pages in their workbooks. Once completing the list of skills in the level they will test out of that level and move on to more advanced concepts with added barn privileges.


1995 Hickory Ridge Road

Waddy, Kentucky 40076


​Barn Hours by Appointment Only ​

Lessons are offered:

Monday 2-7pm

Tuesday 2-7pm

​Wednesday 2-7pm

Thursday 12-7pm

Saturday 9am-5pm